How to help

The needs of children and communities are huge and everyday we try to give, answer and help them with our programmes, if you want to join us to make a difference for children in Zambia  there are different ways you can help.

If you are an individual you can give a donation or, if you want, you can sponsor a project like the construction of a school or clinic. You can also sponsor a child or simply come and visit and learn in person what we do.

To make a difference in someone's life you don't  have  to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect, you need to CARE.

Become a partner

Are you a company or an organization that want to make a difference and  help children in poverty, or help in the communities where children live allowing them to improve their life and climb out of poverty?

Together we can do a lot, we have implemented several projects all in line with government efforts and Sustainable development Goals. Together with us you can: help children have a better education by building schools and preschools, help mothers to deliver in a safe environment by building and equipping a clinic, drill boreholes where there is no water, or construct latrines for schools and give them the opportunity to wash their hands and end open defecation.

Together we can identify social business to help communities access more jobs, like  beekeeping, gardening, fish farming and others, we can start by giving them the opportunity to start income generation activities.

Let us know how you want to help and we will make it realty for people. 

Volunteer with us

Would you like to make a change in someone’s life and to learn and experience a different culture, a volunteer period is an ideal way of “Learning by serving”.

You do not necessarily need to have special skills but the will to adapt to different circumstances and to give what you have. The previous experiences of volunteers included helping in a pre-school, providing their skills (of physiotherapy or others), or assisting in construction work, but office work through project proposal writing and communication are also needed.

The period for a volunteer is a maximum of 4 months, the volunteer will arrange and pay for their own transport up to the Chipata which will include flight cost, Visa entry cost, travel, and bus ticket. Meanwhile the Organization will provide accommodation for the volunteers, but not food and catering.


One off donations, however small, are important. Put together small donations can make a big difference where people have very little.

Most donations will be used for the benefit of disabled children and their families, to pay for school fees and other essential commodities. 

Come and visit us 

Do you want to discover local traditional cultures and local habitats and wildlife, while at the same time contributing to community development and helping create sustainable communities that are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient? With a social tour you can learn our work, meet the beneficiaries of our project, learn the local culture and enjoy the beauty of the natural parks of Zambia.

PNA Zambia believes in the value of  diversity and the respect of human rights of all people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, culture, and/or religion. They promise to be working together in honesty and mutual respect.

Sponsor a child 

Children growing up in poverty and in rural areas are the most deprived of the right of education and  health, they are at risk of hunger and malnutrition, if they have problems children are at risk of social discrimination and an unhappy life. Often girls do not complete school and end up in early marriages and boys are not able to complete their studies.

But with support, love and care, sponsored children can get the education, healthcare, life skills and the confidence they need for life, the support given to them and the community where they live will create real changes to help them out of poverty.

A positive childhood will create an impact in their whole life and will give the children the confidence they need to be adults and contribute themselves to end poverty for themselves and for others.

Any other idea on how to help children?

Contact us and we can  work together