Wheelchair Distribution Nyimba

One activity we particularly enjoy at Pamodzi Ndi Ana is the assembly and distribution of wheelchairs for disabled children.

The all-terrain wheelchairs are provided to us by Wheelchairs For Kids Australia.

We went off to Nyimba District Hospital with 7 boxed wheelchairs, spent the day bolting together and adjusting the chairs to the kids‘ individual requirements. The local physiotherapists made sure that each kid was sitting correctly and properly supported.

We were happy to leave excited kids and proud families with a new wheelchair and a new freedom of mobility. 

ECE Training for Pre-School teachers 

A feature of the ECE Training for voluntary Pre-School teachers organized by Pamodzi Ndi Ana with the support of Associazione Santina Gusmini Onlus.


 Wheelchairs for Kids

A big THANK YOU to Wheelchair for Kids Australia!


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